Sometimes creativity and ideas start brewing and don’t come out for a long time.  I had my eye on a sparkly Eiffel tower ornament sold at a local boutique a year ago.  The size and shape was perfect for doll decor but it didn’t go with any projects I was working on, so I passed it up.  Every year with the release of the GOTY I enjoy creating a few crafts inspired by the doll and her story.  This year there is Grace (GOTY 2015) and her story includes a trip to France.  I knew one of my projects would involve a sparkly Eiffel tower, inspired by the one I saw a whole year earlier.

Creativity is funny like that, sometimes ideas need time to muddle around until the time is right.

The time is right!  After looking and pinning lots of fun things to my Grace Inspiration Pinterest board I found the perfect doll size Eiffel Tower printable.   It is adorable with lots of detail and 3 dimensional. Yeah!  On the plus side the amount of cutting out is pretty easy.  Of course I had to add the sparkle and shimmer and shine with a little glue and glitter!  Let’s get started!


I printed mine on regular paper but I think this would hold up better if it was printed on card stock.

Take a look at the Eiffel Tower printable.  Before we cut out the pieces take a look at the labels where to fold the tower.  All four towers fold along the same lines in the structure even though it is only marked on two.  This is a 3 dimensional tower so there are 4 sides.  Two of the sides have tabs and two have no tabs.

Cut out the four sides of the tower.  Fold down the tabs and make the folds on the tower structure.

I used a glue stick on the tabs of one piece and attached it to another side of the tower.

Keep working your way around add a side at a time.  If you have any trouble adding the last side wait for the other sides to dry before adding it.

At the top of the tower there is a tab to fold and glue down and the other two  sides of the tower touch.

After the tower is put together you can use it as-is or add a little sparkle.  To add the simmer and shine paint the edges of the tower with a glue that drys clear.  I am using Collage Pauge.  Sprinkle on clear glitter.  You could also use silver, or white glitter.

The light is low today,  so it’s hard to see on camera how this little Eiffel tower shines!  The glitter has added the touch I was looking for!

I am loving the sparkly Eiffel Tower on this pastry serving table.  It would be fun in a doll bedroom, and many other doll scenes!

It is so fun to take inspiration from around you and put your own twist on it!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Morgan is AG#25
  • Outfit-Shirt is made by Anna and the hat is from the Bitty Baby Dotty Coat Set.
  • Scene-More about vanity here.  Cake is a candle.  Small desserts are erasers and a plastic cupcake.  Large cupcake and stand is an ornament.  How to make the heart banner is here.

 Get creativity, get crafty, and play!