This is not a magic trick!  This is a repurpose craft, ooooo my all-time favorite crafts!  Today we will be transforming a candy wrapper into a purse for dolls.

Gold Purse for Dolls-16

I’ve made them in several shapes and sizes but today it is a little handbag-style purse for dolls.

Gold Purse for Dolls-21

It is so, so simple and quick to make because we use the candy wrapper for the base of the purse and cover it in Duck tape.

Gold Purse for Dolls-14

Let’s take a closer look and you can join in and make one too!


  • small candy wrapper box
  • Duck tape
  • glue
  • scissors

I am using a small candy box from our Halloween candy stash, but you will find there are a variety of candies and snacks packaged in small little boxes that would work for this project.

Gold Purse for Dolls

Open the box on one end.

Gold Purse for Dolls-2

Cut along the fold on the sides, of what will be the purse opening.

Gold Purse for Dolls-3

Glue the end opening shut again.

Tape the ends of the purse.

Gold Purse for Dolls-4

Wrap a piece of tape around the outside of the box.  Fold the tape onto itself on the end of the lid to make a flap.

Add two tape rolls under the flap to close the purse.

Gold Purse for Dolls-6

With the tape rolls it is easy to open and close.

Gold Purse for Dolls-5

To give the purse a little more shape, fold the sides in at the top.

Gold Purse for Dolls-7

Fold the flap down and you can see the new shape of the purse.  You can trim and shape the flap how you would like.

Gold Purse for Dolls-8

Let’s make the purse strap!

Cut a long strip of Duct tape.

Gold Purse for Dolls-9

Fold the strip into thirds.

Gold Purse for Dolls-10

Tape the ends of the strip to the inside of the purse.

Gold Purse for Dolls-11

This little, mini purse is finished and ready for an outing or a shopping trip!

Gold Purse for Dolls-13

My daughter and I had fun making a selection of these purses to “sell” in the doll’s shop.  Her purses always had jewels.  Have fun embellishing the purse if you want to add a little pizzaz!

Gold Purse for Dolls-18

From trash to play, we had fun making doll purses out of candy wrappers!  I hope you will enjoy!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • DollSaige is an American Girl, GOTY
  • Outfit– Made by Anna, the instructions are here.

Repurpose for play!