Karen here and I was just playing around with my Kunin Felt Blooming Floral Felt and was able to create a skirt for my mini doll in under 10 minutes! I thought this would be a fun craft to share with you for mini week. To make your own you will need:

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. Turn over your felt and place your plate upside down on the back side of your felt. Use your marker or pencil to trace around your plate. This will be your skirt pattern.

Step 2- Cut out your circle and fold the felt in half as shown in the photo above make a large dot in the center of your felt half circle and draw a line from the circle to the edge of your felt. Unfold your felt and use your scissors to carefully cut up to and around the circle.

Step 3- Try Your Skirt around the waist of your doll. My Isabelle Mini doll is really chunky around her middle so I had to trim a little bit more to make the skirt top fit around her waist.

Step 4- At the back of your skirt where you are going to line up your edges make a mark for your small button. Remove the felt skirt and sew your button into place. Knot and tie off the button on the underside of your skirt.

Step 5- Place the skirt around your mini doll’s waist. Fold the other side of the skirt back over the button you just sewed to see where to put the button hole. Once you have the skirt as tight as you would like it on your dolls waist, pinch the felt around that is over the button, then use your scissors to make a very small snip, make it smaller then the button.

Step 6- Work your button through the felt hole you just created and your skirt is now ready to wear.

Step 7- Use any trim you may have to decorate and embellish your skirt. I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape to secure the ribbon trim to my skirt.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Mini Doll Skirt Craft!