Karen here and as the holiday’s are fast approaching our school choir is getting ready to preform. Our Choir leader has our kids wear a Santa hat or “Toque”, a White Dress Shirt and a red or green tie. I thought it would be fun to replicate this look for one of our dolls!

To make your own Holiday Tie for your doll you will need:

  • A ruler
  • A Roll of Duck Tape in any pattern or color
  • A pair of scissors
  • 12 inches of 1/4 inch thick elastic
  • Your doll

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. Lay your ruler on your work space and remove 8 inches of tape. Carefully turn it over and fold the tape edges towards the center as shown in the photo above.

Step 2- Use your scissors to cut a reverse V shape to be the point of the tie. Repeat on the other end.

Step 3- Cut 12 inches from your elastic and tie the ends together as shown in the photo above. You can trim the ends that stick out but this will be covered by the tie.

Step 4- Tear a 2.5 inch strip from your tape roll and fold it as you did  for the first part of the tie. Use your scissors to cut your rectangle into shape like mine.

Step 4- Roll that piece over your finger to make it look like a band-aid and tape it into place.

Step 5- Fold your tie over the knot you made on your elastic and slide the band-aid shape up over both pieces of the tie. Secure into place with a bit more tape, so that it doesn’t slide back down the tie.

Step 6- Place the elastic tie over your dolls head and tuck the elastic under her shirt collar.

My doll Alice is wearing the Oxford Blouse From My Dolls Life , I hope you enjoyed today’s craft tutorial! I can not wait to see your dolls all ready for choir!