Julie has been working very hard all week to get her garden ready for planting season but she was missing one thing  – a gardening apron to put tools, seed packets, and her cell phone into.

Doll Gardening Apron

To make Julie’s apron, you will need:

make a doll gardening apron

Step 1Download and print the apron pattern

Step 2 – Print and cut out around solid lines

Step 3 – Trace onto felt or fabric and cut

Make a doll gardening apron

Step 4 – Fold and then use stitch of choice or fabric glue to close outside edges

Step 5 – Use a running stitch or fabric glue create center divider

Step 6 – Use Aleene’s Tacky Glue or other fabric glue to adhere ribbon on waistband

Step 7 – Embellish with flowers, buttons, stickers, or jewels

Doll size gardening apron

Julie and mini Julie have loaded up the wheelbarrow and are headed out to the gardening to plant some seeds.

What are you planting this spring?

In this scene:

  • American Girl Julie & Mini Julie
  • Julie is wearing her Camp Doll Diaries shirt which is available in our Etsy shop
  • Wheelbarrow and garden tools from The Queen’s Treasures
  • Concession table from My Doll’s Life