Doll craft floor game

For today’s post I created a fun floor game for dolls like the party game “Twister” I remember from parties I went to growing up. I always loved this game, stretching and turning to get your hands and feet on the color that was chosen with out knocking your friends over was so much fun!

Here is my idea for a doll sized game. You can make today’s craft out of what you have in your own craft cupboard or items you can find at your local dollar or craft store.

supplies for doll twister game

To make a fun floor game for your dolls you will need:

  • White fun foam (I used two long sheets from Michaels the craft store) or 4 sheets of  8 ½ by 11 inch paper you can tape together
  • Fun Foam Stickers in various colors ( I used fun foam flowers) or you can use colorful markers
  • Crayons or pencil crayons to create colorful shapes on your paper
  • Tape to tape your fun foam or paper together
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pony bead
  • A ruler
  • A “brad” or brass fastener
  • A 4 inch square of cardboard or card stock
  • An arrow you cut out of paper or card stock about 2 inches long

doll game step 1

Step 1– Tape your fun foam or paper together on the side that will be the bottom of your floor game.

Step 2– Lay out your stickers before you stick them down, use a ruler to space them easily. When you like where they are, remove the paper and stick them in place as shown above.

Step 3– Create the spinner. (If you are drawing on your shapes and arrow skip steps 3 and 4.)  Cut out your spinner base if you have not already. Mine was 4 inches by 4 inches. Then cut out the arrow, mine was almost 2 inches long.

Step 4– Use your pencil tip to push through the arrow and the center of the spinner base as shown.


Step 5– Place your stickers or draw matching shapes in matching colors from your floor game on the spinner base.

Step 6– If you do not have a brass fastener or brad and pony bead, draw an arrow on your spinner base.

If you would like a turning arrow on your spinner base place your brass fastener through the pony bead as I did in the photo above, then place the brass fastener arms through the hole in the arrow and then through the hole in your spinner base. Under the spinner base unfold the arms or the brass fastener and you are done!

make a doll sized twister type game

You can take turns letting each doll hold the spinner and then simply help your dolls put their hands and feet on the different colors!

In today’s photos:

I look forward to sharing more Doll Crafts with you next week!