One of the things your dolls may need for this week’s Bakery Battles is a Food Station that can then be transformed into the Camp Cafeteria when this week is over. Thanks to Guest Counselor Cheryl for putting this post together.


Food Station



  • bulk-size rectangular cereal box
  • scrapbook paper
  • four rectangular mini containers with lids
  • two rectangular wooden slats
  • aluminum foil
  • mini rectangular chalkboard
  • two large wooden dowels
  • scissors
  • glue



Step 1. Glue scrapbook paper onto the cereal box.

Step 2. Turn the cereal box on its side so the side becomes the top. On the top of the cereal box, trace an outline of the mini container. Make four outlines.

Step 3. Cut out the outlines to create four holes in the cereal box. Slide the mini containers into the holes, making sure the lip of each container rests on the edges around it.

Step 4. Wrap two wooden slats in aluminum foil to create a counter. Glue the counter to the top edge of the box.


Step 5. Glue two wooden dowels onto a mini chalkboard to make a sign. Glue the bottoms of the dowels to the cereal box to stand up the sign.


Step 6. Accessorize the food station. Use the lids from the mini containers as food trays. Add doll food to the containers. Write a menu on the chalkboard with chalk.

I can’t wait to see how your version of this turned out!!