Flower crowns for hair have been popular through the ages and go all the way back to ancient times. Our guest counselor KK shows us how to make flower crowns for the dolls this morning.

Supplies Needed:

1. Hot Glue gun
2. A Few Hot Glue Sticks
3. Flowers – the ones with wire stems


Please read full instructions before attempting project, and please don’t get frustrated if the size is too small or too big. The first time I did it, it turned out a little small but it worked the second time! This is very beautiful and perfect for the summer!

Step 1.
Cut off all flowers and leaves, sort by size and put leaves in a different pile


Step 2.
Take the stem and measure around your dolls head (should be circle shape) make a little longer and cut

Step 3.
Take the crown and make sure it’s formed in a circle. Take the two ends of the stem side by side & wrap with a leaf and glue.

If you want to try the crown on your doll at this point use a zip lock bag over her head so the glue won’t get in her hair

Step 4.
Set flowers in a circle and figure out the pattern you want before you start gluing.
Lay the crown on a flat surface glue flower either side by side or a few inches away from each other, do it how you want it to be!

Step 5.
If you do the flowers all the way around I would try gluing one flower on top one on bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom, all the way around


Flip the crown upside down


Step 6.

Trim the ends to the flowers to make sure there won’t be any stabbing the dolls head 🙂 It might hurt them, they probably wouldn’t appreciate that!

Step 7.

You might want to glue the flowers a little more just to be sure they won’t be coming off


WARNING: Don’t put the crown on your doll’s head after you start putting hot glue on the crown. You don’t want to get glue in their hair. Let the crown set for about an hour after you make it before your doll wears it.

Thanks KK for this tutorial. We’d love to see photos of the flower crown you make for your dolls. It would look great with the toga Brandy made.