Karen here and I am getting so excited for the new release of the American Girl Doll of the year Grace. I have seen some of her collection photos on Facebook and one of the items in her collection that caught my eye was a polka-dot handbag. I have had some Kunin Felt with Polka-Dots just waiting to get used on the perfect project and today I get to share that project with you.

To make your own felt purse you will need:

  • Kunin Felt (I choose polka-dot pattern but you can find so many wonderful printed Kunin felt at your craft store)
  • Black Ribbon or Shoe Laces
  • A Glue Gun or Aleene’s Fabric Fusion tape
  • A button or a paper craft slider buckle
  • Peel and stick Velcro dots
  • A Ruler
  • A pencil
  • A pair of craft scissors

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. Turn your felt over and use your ruler and pencil to measure and mark  8 inches up from the bottom of your felt and 4 inches over. Use your ruler to mark out a rectangle on the felt at those markings and then cut out. This will be the fabric needed to create one purse. You will have left over felt you can use for another project later.

Step 2-  With your felt still turned over pattern side facing down, fold the bottom of your felt up until it measures 2 1/2 inches and make a mark on both sides.

Step 3- Use your hot glue or your Aleen’s Fashion Fusion tape to hold the edges of your purse together. Press along the seams you created so that the felt will adhere to the adhesive. You have now made the purse pocket.

Step 4- Measure out 14 inches of ribbon or shoe lace and glue one end to the inside edge of your purse pocket this will be your purse strap. I tied a knot in the center top of my purse straps you can do so or leave it be.

Step 5- Place your sticky Velcro dots together so that the sticky part is facing out. On the center front of your purse pocket place the velcro dots. Fold over the remaining felt flap and press into place. Open your purse and your Velcro dots should look like mine in the photo above.

Step 6- Embellish your purse with a ribbon bow and slider or a button. Glue it into place. round the edges of your purse if you desire as I have and shown in the bottom right photo above. Your purse is now ready for play!

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft tutorial and I look forward to sharing more crafts with you again soon.