Camp Doll Diaries Week 7 From Garden to Market

In celebration of our friends, The Queen’s Treasures fabulous new Farmer’s Market Stand that is coming out later this summer, the Camp Doll Diaries theme this week is all about gardening, fresh food and the farmer’s market. Karen is getting us started with her own version of a Farmer’s Market Stand that you can make, too.

Karen here and today I wanted to share with you my Farmers Market Stand I made for my dolls, you can use it for a Farmers Market Playset , a Lemonade Stand or even  a Potting Table. 

To make your own you will need:

-2 long cardboard boxes (I used Ritz Cracker Boxes you can use shoe boxes as well)

-A box of Popsicle sticks

-A Low Temp Glue Gun/glue sticks


*- Cardboard


-A Pair of Chopsticks

Step 1- Gather your supplies, plug in your glue gun. Next open the lid of one of your boxes and on the back side secure it open by taping chopsticks on the back side of the box. Then tape or glue the first box on top of the closed second box.

Step 2- Begin to cover your box with Popsicle sticks. It is most likely that you will need to over lap the edges of your box as I have with the Popsicle sticks. So start by measuring first, put your  Popsicle stick in the center and glue it on evenly or go up and down make a pattern. I started with the front, then did the sides and last the tallest part of the box. This step takes lots of time and if you need to have a grown up help you trim some of your sticks to fit before you glue them.

Step 3- Cover the open section of the box. You can add cardboard here as well but I just glued Popsicle sticks together and then supported them with more Popsicle sticks. I recommend if you want to put anything heavy on this structure that you should reinforce the open part with cardboard and then top with the Popsicle sticks.Once it has dried you can add decorations and your items for your dolls to buy and sell! I made flower arrangements, used left over artificial leaves and made lettuce and I had some foam squash left over from last year! You could do dolly pies, jars and so much more! I hope you have fun with this project!

We want to see what you make this week!! Email your Camp Doll Diaries photos to and be sure to put CAMP MEMORIES in the subject line.