My niece is a wonderful ice skater…and a huge lover of her American Girl dolls.   For Christmas I decided to surprise her with an extra special craft, her very own Doll Skating Pond!  Here’s how I did it….


First, I purchased a white 20×30 (1/2 inch thick) foam board from Michael’s craft store.  This will be the base of the pond.  I wanted something light enough to be moved and stored easily.

Next, I had my local glass store cut an 18×28 (1/8 inch thick) piece of Plexiglas.  This glass was glued to the foam board using glass glue.  Only use the glue on the outer edge; don’t put any glue in the center.  Let dry completely.


Next, I frosted the Plexiglas with Rust-oleum Frosted Glass Spray.  I used two thin coats.  Let dry.

I then used Daptex Foam Sealant and sprayed an irregular boarder around the edge of the glass to create a snow bank.  While still wet I placed small stones and dried grass to give it a more realistic look.  Let foam dry completely; it will take a few days.


I then used Master ColorTex Flurry spray paint.  This paint is a textured spray paint that I sprayed over the foam to give it a snowy look.  I also sprayed it slightly on glass edge.  Let dry.  


FYI:  the paint does shrink up a bit after drying; I liked this…it looks more realistic.

For additional touches I made a sign out of scrap wood pieces and paint.  The snow balls are foam balls painted white.  I preferred to paint the foam balls to keep them from shedding.


To make the scene complete I set the pond on artificial snow found at Michael’s.  I refinished an antique doll bench I found on eBay.  I also purchased American Girl’s snow scene and snowman.


My goal was achieved; my niece was thrilled with her Christmas present!!