This adorable doll-sized purse was made with Duck Tape.  There are so many creative and fun designs available now on Duck Tape and it can be found almost everywhere.  That is all you need for this, unless you want to embellish your purse with ribbons, buttons, beads or sequins.

The first step is to determine how large you want your purse or bag to be.  That will determine how much tape you use in step 1.

To Make the Bag:

Step 1 – Put tape pieces together the size of the bag you want by layering their edges and then put tape down the other way to create a liner, leaving enough room around the edge for it to stick together.

Step 2 – Cut a piece of tape 7 inches long and then cut it in half lengthwise.  Fold the two pieces in half lengthwise to create handles.

Step 3 – Tape the handles into the inside with tape.

Step 4 – Put your two sides together and trim the edges.

Step 5 – Add a reinforcement layer to the bottom and trim

Now you can embellish and add decorations to your bag.  I added a stripe with thin black Duck Tape, buttons from my collection at Buttons Galore and More and a ribbon to the handle.

Have fun creating doll fashion,