Eliza is reaching for a few pins on her new pin cushion!

Make a mini pin cushion, it’s perfect for doll play and even useful for you!

Let’s see how it’s made!


  • fabric circle (mine is 4 1/2″ across the middle))
  • bottle cap
  • needle
  • thread
  • cotton batting
  • glue (not pictured)

To start, stitch around the fabric circle with a needle and thread.

Pull the thread, bringing in the sides.

Add cotton batting to fill out the shape.

Close it up tight and tie off the thread.

Put glue on the cinched up section of the fabric circle and place it in the bottle cap.

One awesome thing is that this is a working pin cushion and that means it will hold real pins!

This mini pin cushion can be for doll play, display, and you can use it for your own sewing to keep pins!   

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Get creative!