We have another guest counselor this afternoon – her name is Gwen and she is the daughter of a good friend of mine who lives half way across the country from me. It has been fun to get Gwen’s Camp Doll Diaries feedback over the past few years and this summer she is really loving it! Gwen shows us how to make a doll backpack from a cardboard box today – this is perfect for Safari week and other Camp Doll Diaries adventures.


Make a Doll Backpack from a Cardboard Box

McKenna is modeling the backpack I made for my dolls. She told me that I should tell you guys how to make it. It was very fun to make.

Make a Doll Backpack from a Cardboard Box


  • Annie’s macaroni box 
  • Pencil
  • Buttons [I used similar colors]
  • Velcro
  • 2 colors of duck tape
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Your doll’s sleeping bag

Lets get started!

I made a mark at 4 inches on my box, then I cut it.

Then I had a hole in the side of my box. so I cut a hole in the top of the box. 

Then I cut piece of cardboard and duck taped it to the side of the box so that there was only a hole in the top of the top of the box.

Then I duck taped the rest of my box up. I didn’t tape the inside though.

Then I cut 3 pieces of duck tape about the same size [13 inches long] and overlapped them a tiny bit. I attached the piece of duck tape to the box.
Then I covered up all the stickeyness with more duck tape and cut the bad edge.

Make a Doll Backpack from a Cardboard Box
Then I cut a piece of duck tape in another color [3 inches long ] and then I cut another piece the exact same size and put the two together and smoothed out any lumps. Then I cut it in half. I rolled up some tape and attached it to the little pieces. Next I attached them with more duck tape to the backpack base.

I attached buttons to the straps .You could add other things. I put Velcro on the back [the side without the buttons] of the straps.

Make a Doll Backpack from a Cardboard Box

I put string on the inside so mckenna’s sleeping bag would stay then I put velcro under the sleeping bag and attatched the velcro toghter. It looked really good.

Here are the straps. I put 2 pieces of duck tape together and I had a strap! I made another one so I had 2!  I then attached one part of the strap to the side of the box with velcro – repeat on the other side [ with a different strap] .

Next I attached the top of the straps to the main box and I had straps. But the backpack kept sliding down her back so I attached the straps higher up. That seemed to help.

It still wasn’t right, so I made a front strap and that helped a lot but it wouldn’t fit over her head so I made it so one of the sides of the front strap with velcro and that worked! (Sometimes you just have to keep trying different things!)

Make a Doll Backpack from a Cardboard Box

McKenna models the backpack and hopes that the other dolls will like it!  I hope you all like this craft. It’s very fun to make!


Thanks Gwen!! I hope McKenna has enjoyed the safari!