My Daughters are in LOVE with Disney’s hit TV show, Austin and Alley.  Their favorite character is the silly and quirky Dez Wade.  My youngest daughter asked Santa for a Dez Doll for Christmas.  Here is how I helped Santa create a Disney Dez Doll….

I have watched several episodes of this show with my daughters so I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the doll to look.  I was able to find several Etsy and eBay sellers to create a very close match.

 Here is a side by side comparison of the finished doll.

A blue eyed American Girl doll was recycled.  Old wig was removed and a new Johnny Wig was purchased from Monique in a size 10-11 in the color carrot:

For the Dez doll “Meet Outfit” I chose to create a “Bro Battle Champion” shirt.  My daughters think Dez’s  bro battles with Chuck are hilarious.  In Microsoft Word I created the sign and printed it out onto Transfer Magic Iron-On Paper.  All t-shirts were purchased from Etsy shop called Roaring Kids, .  These shirts are of very good quality and ready for any crafter to add their decorative touches.  All pants were purchased from Etsy shop called Dressurdolly2: .  These too are of very good quality and will hold up to doll play.  The button up plaid shirt was a custom order from Etsy shop called: SewFunDollClothes, .  This button up shirt is a perfect match!

The yellow sneakers were an eBay find.  The orange and black sneakers were purchased from My Doll’s Life:

Additional shirts with a swirling basketball and a vintage camera were made from art pictures found on Google searches, scaled to correct size, and printed on Transfer Magic Iron-On paper.   Both images add details to the Dez character.

Of course I couldn’t leave out the suspenders!!  All elastic was purchased from Etsy shop called Heafeathers: .  Width of elastic was 8mm.  Suspender clips were found on eBay; they are mini clips in 0.43 inch.  These clips are often used to make baby pacifier clips.  They are a perfect doll size.  Simply cut elastic to desired length, cross over, place a quick stitch in center to hold in place.  Fold an end of elastic over each clip and stitch into place.

AND every doll needs its companion!  I paired the Dez doll with a mini stuffed Manatee I found on eBay.

Craft on!