Marie-Grace has a new vase she’s sliding onto the table as a centerpiece.  It’s lovely there but she has a few other ideas for it.

Vase for Dolls-9

The colorful vase and flowers seem to cheer everything up!  She wants to try the vase in her bedroom.  Wait, better yet she can share the vase of flowers with a sick friend.  Yes, it would bring a smile to Morgan who has been really sick this week.  Marie-Grace is excited to share some cheer with her good friend!

Vase for Dolls-5

Make your own cheery vase for dolls!  This mini craft is great for all ages, it’s so quick and easy.  The magic is in the effect of the tissue paper and glue.  The tissue paper seems to almost melt into the surface.  You can get your own look by using different combinations of colors or patterned tissue paper.

Let’s get started!

Vase for Dolls-11


  • mini vase (I found mine at Walmart)
  • tissue paper torn into small pieces
  • Collage Pauge (or a glue that dries clear)
  • paint brush

Note on the Vase or other Base:  You can use anything as your base, wood, paper, plastic, metal or glass.  Be sure to use a base that is safe and age appropriate for play or display.

If you use clear glass, like I’m using today, you will get another cool effect.  The tissue paper is thin and lets light through, giving it an almost stained glass feel.


Paint 1/4 of the vase with Collage Pauge.  Cover the area with pieces of torn tissue paper.

Continue around the vase with Collage Pauge and tissue paper until it is covered.

Paint a top coat of Collage Pauge over the entire vase.  Set it aside to dry.

Vase for Dolls-12

I love the way the tissue paper let’s light shine through and gives it almost a stained glass effect!

Vase for Dolls-2

It looks great on it’s own or you can add flowers.

Vase for Dolls-10

Use silk flowers or make some out of paper.

Vase for Dolls-6

It is so fun to create lovely things for imagination and play!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Create, Imagine, Play!