Today I am sharing with you a craft I have made for my nieces new American Girl brand Cat but this craft will work with any small stuffed cat and is so much fun to make.

Using a few recycled items in my craft box, Duck Tape brand Duck tape and perfectly co-coordinating yarn from Red Heart. I made this doll sized cat scratch post in my niece Cadence’s favorite color!

To make your own you will need:

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and if you are using hot glue plug your glue gun in.

Step 2- Use your scissors to cut snips 1/2 inch long all along the bottom of your toilet tube bottom. Fold out the flaps you have just created.

Step 3- Using a small strip of Duck Tape tape, tape the flaps to the center of the lid. Repeat until the base is completely covered in Duck Tape and your toilet tube is secure.

Step 4- Use a small amount of your duct tape and the end of your yarn ball and tape the yarn end to the base of your “scratch post”

Step 5- Use a dab of glue along the tube to secure the yarn you are about to wind around it.

Step 6- Begin winding the yarn all the way to the top. When you get to the top trim the end of the yarn and glue the end inside the tube.

Step 7- Tear a small amount of Duck Tape from the roll and put it on the top. fold the edges over the yarn at the top.

Step 8- Add more glue and begin winding more yard around the top.

Step 9- Add more glue in the center and wind the yarn as shown in the center and trim the yard end and press it gently into the glue.

Allow your glue to dry and your Doll Sized Cat Scratch Post is ready for your Cat to play with! I can not wait to share more craft and doll play ideas with you soon!