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Okay girls, can you believe it? Another summer of Camp Doll Diaries is in the books – the scrapbooks that is! We have had so many fun memories and now, this week’s sponsor, Lemon Bay Doll Company is going to show us how to make beautiful scrapbooks for the dolls to keep the Camp Doll Diaries fun close by all year!

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Doll sized scrapbook

Wow! It has been an exciting, creative, amazing, adventure-filled summer — one worth remembering! To this end, we wanted to share a fun craft idea to help you and your dolls reminiscence over all the fun you’ve shared with Camp Doll Diaries! Sarah, a seaside camper on Florida’s Gulf Coast, will show you how to make a doll-sized scrapbook for your 18” pals.


Here’s what you’ll need:
The printable pattern
• Cardboard (as from a cereal box)
• Glue stick
• Scissors
• Small hole punch (skewer, awl)
• Brads fasteners (2)
• Selection of decorative papers
• 1/8” ribbon (about 2 feet)
• Stickers, etc. to embellish

Start by printing the patterns onto cardstock and cutting them out. Trace the “Scrapbook Cover” pattern onto your cardboard two times. Use a pen to mark the cardboard where you will punch your fastener holes. Score on the lines where the cardboard will be bent to make a spine. Cut these pieces out.

Doll sized scrapbook

Next, choose a decorative paper to cover the exterior of your scrapbook. Cut two pieces approximately ¾” larger than the cardboard. Trim the corners at an angle leaving about ¼” from the cardboard. Glue cardboard to center of the decorative paper. Fold the angled edges of paper over cardboard corners and glue.

Doll sized scrapbook

Wrap and glue the flat paper edges over cardboard, leaving the hole punched edge for last. Punch holes through paper and cardboard where marked; wrap and glue this edge. Now, repunch the holes so all layers are punched.


Next, choose a decorative paper to cover the interior of your scrapbook and cut a 12” length of your ribbon. Cut your paper approximately 1/8” smaller all around than the cover. On the back of the paper, on one side, mark center and glue about ½” of your ribbon to the mark.


Glue the paper and ribbon to the back of your cover so the ribbon in on the side opposite the punched holes. Fold over the papers where the cardboard has been scored. We like to add a decorative tape to the folded edge for reinforcement but this is not necessary.


With both sides of your scrapbook covered, it’s time to cut interior pages. Using the “Scrapbook Pages” pattern, cut out as many pages as you would like to include in your scrapbook. We have found that 10 pages makes a great size and leaves enough space for the brads to close securely. Punch your interior papers using the guide on the pattern. Insert a brad fastener through the front cover of your scrapbook, and through all the pages. Repeat with second brad. Attach back cover and secure brads by spreading open.


Here is the finished scrapbook. Now, It is up to you to fill it with memories! We decorated our cover to celebrate “Summer by the Sea,” this last wonderful week at Camp Doll Diaries, 2015! What a summer it has been!


To see how Sarah filled her scrapbook, visit Lemon Bay Doll Co. on Facebook and see our Album “Summer by the Sea at Camp Lemon Bay.


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