Cabin background for dolls

Well are you excited about Camp Doll Diaries? I sure am and my dolls are getting ready in their new cabin. I thought I would share with you a fun and easy way to create a Camp Cabin Play Background for your dolls and show you how to decorate your cabin using items you may already have at home and items you can print from the Doll Diaries website.

Cabin background for dolls

To create your background you will need:

  • A tri-fold display board or card board box (My store only had red left)
  • Tissue Paper
  • Your Doll’s box for the bed or some Soda boxes you can stuff and tape together 
  • News paper
  • Tape/Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue dots or glue gun with glue
  • Doll Diaries print outs for the Welcome Banner and Camp Signs
  • 5 pieces of felt in coordinating colors, I used three purple and two yellow for the curtains and the throw pillows
  • *flag from your country or the country you want your camp to be in

Cabin play backdrop for dolls

Step 1- Create a bed. If you do not have your doll’s box anymore you can easily use soda boxes and stuff them with newspaper to make them strong enough to hold your doll up without collapsing. Make sure your box is at least the same length of your doll. If your soda boxes are short tape two or three together. I used two. Stuff your boxes full of crumpled up newspapers and then tape them closed and to each other.

Step 2– Wrap your box like you would a present, in tissue paper and be sure to use lots of tape. Your soda boxes will make a great bed and a great doll bench/couch for your cabin.

For the cabin background I used a tri-fold cardboard display but I find them too tall for our dolls so I measured it and trimmed off 10 inches to create a more realistically sized doll play background. You will need your parents help for this part.

Step 1- Get a parent to help you measure and cut 10 inches from the cardboard. Remember Measure TWICE cut ONCE.

Cabin backdrop for doll play

To create curtains for your cabin you will need your felt, glue dots or glue gun, ruler and scissors.

Step 1- Use your ruler and measure down 5 inches from the top middle of the sides of your back ground make a line with your pencil this will be where you hang and glue your curtains.

Step 2– Cut up the middle of the felt you have chosen for your main curtain color. Stop two inches from the top as shown in the top right photo above. Repeat on the other curtain and set aside.

Step 3- Add your glue dots to the wall of your cabin where you are going to hang the felt curtains or a line of hot glue. Press your curtain into place. Repeat on the other side.

Cabin backdrop for doll play

Step 4– Cut one 4 one inch strips of felt for the ties to each tie around the curtain bottoms as shown in the photos above and tie a knot.

Step 5- Cut a two 1 ½ inch strips of the felt to create the top of the curtains fringe.

Step 6– Cut snips along one edge, careful not to snip through the top.

Step 7– Use your glue dots or glue gun to attach the fringe to the top of the curtain press into place.

Cabin backdrop for doll play

Next let’s create cabin throw pillows with the Doll Diaries Camp Logo.

Step 1- Cut out four 6 inch square felt pieces you will need two pieces to create each pillow.

Step 2– Print and cut out the camp signs from Anna’s craft on Tuesday. Use your glue dots or glue gun to center the small squares in the middle of your felt.

Step 3– Run a line of glue or use your glue dots on three sides, ½ an inch from the edge to create a felt pocket. Press down the three sides carefully.

Step 4– Crumple up some newspaper and stuff it in the pocket.

Step 5– Run another line of glue ½ inch in to the pocket and then press it closed carefully.

Step 6- Create a fringe boarder by making snips along the edge, careful not to cut through the glue. Repeat on all the sides of your throw pillow.

Step 7– Repeat steps 1-6 to make as many throw pillows as you would like.

Doll play background

Now you will want to decorate the inside of your cabin. I used the print outs I cut out to decorate and I added a few flags. When I went to camp our cabin always had the flag on the wall and even a framed photo or Queen Elizabeth! You can decorate your cabin in any way you want, customize it to feel homey! What I love about using the cardboard background is you can fold it away when you are not playing with it and store it easily. I hope you enjoyed today’s crafts!

Today I used my Springfield Doll Maria and my American Doll Ruthie as my models.