Way back before I blogged, before I shared any doll crafts and projects online, my oldest daughter and I made birth certificates for each of her dolls.  Each doll got their own birthday, full name and other little details filled in on their birth certificate.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-9

We had fun filling in all those details and creating a story for each doll.

Today I’ll show you how to make birth certificates for your dolls.  Besides all the information on the certificate, I’ve also added a cute detail, baby footprints.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-19

Let’s take a look!


  • washable marker (you can also use an ink pad with washable ink)
  • paper
  • cotton swab
  • fine tip marker or pen
  • tape or glue
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)

We are going to make little foot prints with our thumbs.

First you need to ink up one thumb with a washable marker or a washable ink pad.  Try out the “footprint” on a scrap of paper.  You may need to add more ink to your thumb each time.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-31

You will need your right thumb for the left footprint and the left thumb for the right footprint.

I found it easiest to place the tip of my thumb on the paper, roll it towards the outside of my thumb and end with my thumb rolling toward the center, right before the knuckle. That makes an upside-down footprint with the tip of my thumb as the heel of the footprint.

Repeat with the opposite thumb to make side by side footprints.

Next we will add the toe prints.  Be sure to flip the footprint over so the heel of the foot is down.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-30

Practice the little toes and big toes with the cotton swab and a scrap of paper before you add them to the final footprints.

We need small dots for the toe prints.  Twist the end of a cotton swab and add marker or ink to the end.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-28

Add 4 small dots to each footprint.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-27

Add ink on the other side of the cotton swab.  This will be the big toe print.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-26

Try rolling the cotton swab slightly side to side for the big toe print on each foot.

Make the birth certificate by adding the footprints, name, birth date and any other information you want to include.  Mount it on patterned paper and add a ribbon.

Using your thumb for the footprint adds to the look because you get the lines and creases from your actual finger print!

Make a birth certificate for dolls-24

I kept this birth certificate pretty simple but you could add more information like birth place, parents, doctor, hospital, weight, length and time of birth.

Make a birth certificate for dolls-32

The little footprints are a fun detail on this doll size birth certificate!

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