One of our readers, Maire, had fun creating this fall inspired photo story for us. Enjoy!

Lisa and Hayley have decided to go outside. They went outside and saw that leaves were starting to fall. They played in the leaves for a while. (The rake is made out of cardboard.)

Lisa loves playing in the leaves. (This picture and the next were taken a different day.) Lisa was surprised to find a flower. She decided it must be the last flower of the year. The girls eventually got bored of playing in the leaves and decided to walk down to the lake to get some photos taken.

First they got a friends photo. Lisa was so cute that I just had to take more pictures of her.

After that the girls went back up to the house and saw that my little brother was playing in the dirt with his toys. Then Lisa spotted a large dump truck over in the grass. Lisa went over to investigate the truck.

Then she wondered if she should climb into it. She climbed in. It was pretty comfortable after all. Then she called Hayley over to push her in it.

Hayley was too busy talking to Lisa and didn’t notice where she was going. She drove right into the garden and the truck tipped and Lisa fell out. After that the girls went inside and now they are climbing the stairs.

Thanks Maire for sharing your photostory with us! As always, readers are invited to send in photos of their doll collections, things you have made or stories about their dolls and their adventures. I will publish reader submissions as time permits. I do request that you take care in your photography and read over the text you are sending me for spelling and grammar – if the photos are blurred, grainy or messy I will probably not publish it.