Madelon stopped in at the American Girl store in DC today and took some photos for us while she was there. Wouldn’t this be a fun Camp Doll Diaries “field trip?”

The sign about Molly’s archival greeted you at the door.

Molly waving hi ( or goodbye)!

The 2-in-1 Surf Swimsuit is the current Purchase with Purchase outfit at American Girl DC. It is $16 with $50 purchase.

Another in-store deal – get a free doll foil tee with child foil t-shirt purchase.

The store exclusive Swim Tote & Gear is awfully cute and is $18.

Another Store exclusive – mini purse for $10.

Sweet Dreams accessories include a mini Coconut – so cute!

Saige in her new tunic outfit and picnic set.

A closer look at Saige’s picnic set.

Saige’s Punch Design Frame craft kit.

The Campus Food Cart with the Park background.


 A closer look at the Campus Food Cart.


The new Track outfit.

Friends enjoying the Food Cart and Pet Party set.

The new Halloween Dress.  For some reason, this just doesn’t look like AG quality to me.

One of the store displays with the new breakfast food set and the new PJs.

The Talent Show set.

Mix and Match Collection

The new Winter scene – you can download a sound app from your Apple device for it – how neat – especially for those of you who do videos.

I love this new outfit!


Science Lab Set – oh, I LOVE this one!

The School background.

And for those of you who are waiting for the Saige movie to come out, there is a set from Walmart that will include a Picasso horse figurine along with the DVD.

Thanks so much Madelon for our “field trip” to the AG DC store today and a great look at all the new products!