If you have the chance, go to a doll show in your local area this year! The range of dolls on display and brought in by the various vendors will be like a doll history lesson unfolding before your very eyes. When we went in the fall I was amazed at the variety of dolls – old and new – that were on display and/or for sale. Madelon went to a show in her area over the weekend and sent in a few photos for us to enjoy.Β 

In this photo, Madelon was drawn to the decorative Spring egg in the corner, while I would have been asking about that fantastic china hutch!

This table reminded her of Felicity’s piecrust style table.

Faces of days gone by – oh, how sweet!Β The decorative eggs enhanced the display of these antique dolls.

So beautiful – and there is a bunny peeking out from the corner, too.

Lovely Little Women dolls from Madame Alexander.

A gorgeous Madame Alexander Cissy doll – I am loving her red shoes!

And something NEW! You just never know what you will see at a doll show! These lovely ladies are the new Dr. Seuss inspired collection from Tonner Doll.

If you were in need of some dishes for your dolls, I am pretty sure they have you covered!

Thanks so much Madelon for sharing these photos with us!