As a member of the Madame Alexander Mom Advisory Board, I get the opportunity to review some of their newest products from time to time. Earlier this summer they sent us “Life of the Party” and her party accessories to review. Natalie had a lot of fun taking all of the photos.

Life of the Party is one of the Madame Alexander 18″ play dolls that is affordably priced at $59.95. You can find her on the Madame Alexander web site and in specialty toy/doll retailers that stock Madame Alexander dolls (and occasionally Zulily will sell Madame Alexander).

She has one of my favorite Madame Alexander face molds, dark wavy brown hair that is very stylable and she is dressed in her party perfect pink dress with matching accessories. 

 Just like the other Madame Alexander 18″ dolls, she has a partial soft torso – the upper part of her chest and shoulders are vinyl so she can wear strappy styles like this one very well. Her face and limbs are also vinyl.

 Such a sweet face!!

 Here she is just relaxing – deep in a day dream before she gets ready for the party!

 In addition to the doll they sent us the It’s A Party playset. At $44, this set is a great value as it comes with a party outfit, tiara, customizable banner, a party cake with 2 sets of plates, glasses and forks.

 Don’t you just love her fancy gloves? 

The cake plates are a thick paper, but the plate the big cake is on is plastic. This is a sweet set for play and you can change up the message on the banner with reusable stickers. I love the fact that Madame Alexander is combining play and a creative piece in this set.

So we have not given this cutie a name yet. What do you think we should name her?