Lynda’s American Girl Doll House

American Girl doll house

Another reader sent in photos of her amazing doll house she made for her daughter’s American Girl dolls and pets. Lynda did an amazing job and you really need to click on the link and go view ALL of the photos as a slide show. From the furniture she made to the decorations – the creativity and detail is AMAZING!

View the slide show of Lynda’s American Girl Doll House.

What did you think? Pretty lucky dolls!!

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  1. 3rdie

  2. And this house is awesome

  3. Cute

  4. Megan!!!!!! says:

    thats really nice!!!!!! and it looks like you dolls have A LOT of pets! i wonder who takes care of them all…..

  5. juliet_the_great says:

    WOWZA!!! 8th-ie, NICE HOUSE!! i have no room for one, so i envy other people Ag houses…………………………………….. like this one ( ^ :

  6. Awesome!

  7. This is goregous… Unspeakable! Can someone tell me how to organize your doll space?

  8. DollsOnTheRun says:

    This looks real! I love how it matched Mckenna’s real room!

  9. DollsOnTheRun says:

    Melon, you can put things in storage boxes and group or make a house in your closet or a little trunk or something like that!

  10. Wow! That is amazing! I love everything, especially how you matched up things from McKenna’s movie to Mckenna’s room and the bathroom!

  11. Wow!where did u get that mini computer?

  12. Sabrina – a lot of the items were mad out of boxes, cardboard, wood scraps, etc. You would be amazed at what you can do without actually purchasing furniture. (For example, the dining table is a round wood plaque with a wood candlestick bought at the art store and painted in our colors of choice). We are at an advantage because I can sew but really most of it is not too expensive. Even the couches are made from cardboard boxes!

    Melon – I used ply wood cut to specific dimensions for the space I had, but since then I found the GORM line at IKEA will make an awesome shell for an AG dollhouse and is not very expensive at all. You will need space but assembly is pretty easy. In fact, that is my next phase for the historical dolls! Stay tuned…

  13. OMG that is AWESOME!

  14. juliet_the_great says:

    something tells me you like horses……………..

  15. Fabulous! But I don’t know about all those horses on the roof! LOL

  16. That’s cool! I have a HUGE Barbie house I made out of posterboards, homeade items, etc. would you like me to send in Photos?

  17. Cool house! I love the McKenna room the best!

  18. I love the detail! Mckenna’s room is amazing!

  19. A beautiful home for the dolls, Lynda. I love all the attention to detail and the creativity you have shown.

  20. cute!!!!

  21. I really need to send you my doll house, I have had it for about 5 years now. My mom and dad are talking about moveing so if I want to do it the way it is now I will have to do it soon

  22. Where did you buy carpet?

  23. Bella – A lot of the carpet is fabric. The carpet in the living room is from a set of stair carpet bought at home depot and cut and pieced together. The mat in the shower room is a fuzzy wash cloth as is the purple carpet in McKenna’s room. The little rug in the kitchen was stitched by me…

  24. I just got back from vancouver island I went to a toy shop and saw carolle les cheries dolls.