This past weekend was one amazing blur for me!! On Friday night my son had a high school swim meet, Saturday morning Natalie had a swim meet about an hour away, then Sunday morning Natalie had the second day of her swim meet in the morning and Megan had her first gymnastics meet since her surgery in the afternoon right near where Natalie’s meet was. The only problem was there was about 4 hours in between the two meets and I didn’t want to drive an hour home just to drive an hour back to where I had just been. So… Natalie and I decided to go to the American Girl store at Tyson’s corner in between the two events.

When we got the American Girl store it was CRAZY! It was so crowded. We checked in with the Bistro so we could get a time to eat – it was about a 2 hour wait – then headed off into the store to check out McKenna’s collection and pick up a few other things. We were not even 10 steps into McKenna’s section when our FAVORITE personal shopper came around the corner and immediately recognized us and gave us both big hugs! She didn’t have an appointment at that time so she decided to join us in shopping.

We decided that Julie has gone long enough without her best friend Ivy and since we are not getting McKenna until later this year, it only makes sense that Ivy use McKenna’s gym equipment until McKenna arrives.

American Girl Ivy

Meet Ivy! Our personal shopper was so good with Natalie. She pointed out the differences in all the Ivy’s on display and helped Natalie pick the perfect Ivy. I just love her! She has so much personality and Julie will be thrilled to meet her.

Ivy in the bistro

We did our shopping and then went into the Bistro for lunch. There were no available tables so we had lunch at the Sweet Treats Bar – which was perfectly fine with us. The ladies making the desserts behind the counter were very talkative and it was fun watching them make all the sweet desserts. I had the spinach salad and Natalie had the chicken tenders. Both were very yummy. Before we headed out we bought a few chocolate bars to take to Megan and her best friend as good luck before their gymnastics meet. I love the little bag they gave us with it.

Ivy at the American Girl Tysons store

Here is another view of Ivy enjoying her lunch. Natalie bought the Sweet Dreams PJ set for Ivy. They are a store exclusive and very cute. Ivy wasn’t crazy about sitting next to us in a doll treat seat so she sat on the counter looking at Natalie during lunch.

We had a wonderful impromptu visit to the American Girl store! I have a few more pictures to post of the store later today and then will share photos of what we bought along with Ivy meeting Julie, too.