Lorifina – Hasbro’s Design Your Own Fashion Doll

Lorifina doll by Hasbro

I had heard about Hasbro’s new Lorifina doll, but hadn’t taken the time to really go look at her until today. Basically, Lorifina is a 20″ fashion doll you can customize yourself. Pick fair skin or dark skin; brown, blue or green eyes; and blonde, brown, curly brown or black hair.

Once you pick how your doll will look, select the outfit she will arrive in from a variety of fashion capital inspired outfits – the New York, Tokyo and London collections. Place your order and Lorifina will arrive about a week in her special trunk. In addition to extra outfits, you can also get accessories for Lorifina including wigs.

Lorifina is only available online through Hasbro and costs $98 for the made to order doll and her first outfit.

Even if you don’t order the doll, it is kind of fun to create different dolls and outfit combinations at the Lorifina website.

I’d love to see a real Lorifina doll, so if anyone has ordered one, please take a photo and share it with us (email to share@dolldiaries.com).

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  1. Firstie!!
    I’m not going to buy a Lorifina doll, but they are really fun to design online! hehe! mine had brown hair w/bangs, jeans, red high heels, light skin, and brown eyes.. even though it was just for fun 😀 try it!

  2. Second. I love desinging them, but wish there was more varitey.

  3. Second. I love desinging them, but wish there was more varitey.

  4. 3rdie!!! (it doesn’t count lena!! you posted twice!..) ; ) do you think i should get an ellowyne (ID remember the spelling!) or a lorifina?? the lorafina is less expensive… and i like the clothes… but there isn’t much of a variety..

  5. Selena, I’d go for the Ellowyne.

  6. i’m going to dress it up online,but i’m probaly not buying her.

  7. Wow, that is such a cute website!

    I love dressing the dolls up online! The eye and hair combination I like is the Black hair and brown eyes, also with the dark skin color.

    Thanks for the info about this site! :)


  8. Plush Queen says:

    I like designing them online, but unless you spent alot of money into Lorifina’s collection of apparel, hair stuff, shoes, accessories, and wigs, I don’t think she would be that fun to own. I just hope that the shoes fit Karito Kids, now that I am a proud owner of TWO!

  9. Plush Queen-

    I have heard of Karito Kids, but haven’t really seen them. I will have to look them up. How tall are they?


  10. Liz, They are 21 inches tall, I looked at the website, I’m now in love with them! They are adorable!!!

  11. Im so getting one! i tried it and its fun! 😀