Lori Doll Review

I have to say that my daughters and I are in love with the new Lori Doll Collection from the Our Generation line of toys sold at Target!  Finally…play-sets for mini dolls!  We have been wanting accessories for the minis FOREVER…really…why have the dolls if there is nothing for them…there is only so much crafting this momma can do with recycled jewelry boxes and popsicle sticks.

Lori Dolls

So far, the Lori Doll Line includes the Loft with furniture sets, Glamper, Convertible Car, and Dance Ballet Studio, and several dolls (only a few are pictured here.)  The dolls are super cute!  Love the modern clothes.  You can purchase extra clothing sets.  My daughters love mix and matching the outfits.  I found the dolls to be easily possible.

Lori Dolls Dollhouse

The loft comes with the kitchen.  The patio, living room, bedroom, and office sets are sold separately.  Honestly, I felt all were reasonably priced.  The loft is of good size, but not too big that it couldn’t be stored away in a closet when not in use.  I placed foam furniture pad stickers at the bottom; we have hardwood floors and my daughters can easily slide the house in and out of the closet when they want to play.  The large windows and skylight make it nice for little hands to get inside to play.  And the real lighting in the kitchen is super cool.

Lori Doll Ballet Studio

The Ballet Studio is adorable!  The piano really plays when the pedals are pushed down.  The studio has lighting too.  It’s pretty cleaver to have included these little brackets that attach to the dolls waist to keep them upright in a dance pose.  The chalkboard on the left wall was nice to place the practice notes.  My daughter stashed away the chalk behind the little radiator.  LOVE the details!

Lori Dolls Camper

Okay…the GLAMPER!  It is doll camping at its best!  I want a real life size one!  This is a mini house on wheels.  This worked great with having two daughters…one played with the loft and the other the Glamper…then they “visited each other.”   All the little doors and drawers open to stash away goodies.  I would love to see some accessories sets that include plates and food.  The Glamper has lighting too!  The dolls fit perfect on the bunks.  The Convertible Car is super cute!  Love that it has a real radio inside.  My daughters were listening to a Christmas channel while they played.  The car has plenty of room for the dolls; they sit in it nicely…no pushing or shoving to get them to fit.

Lori Dollhouse Christmas Decorations

Of course the Lori Dolls want to make their home festive for the holidays!  Here is how I used “Merry Minis” from Michaels to decorate…!

Lori Dollhouse Christmas

The holiday baking is underway!  Oh..the Elf..sneaky little thing!  I hope the Lori pup doesn’t get into the train and presents!

Lori Doll Ballet Studio Christmas

The dance studio gets decked out too!  I wonder if they are practicing for the Nutcracker?

Lori Doll Camper Car Christmas

The car and glamper get a little holiday glam too!

Overall I think the Lori Doll line is super cute and affordable.  I look forward to seeing what they come out with for this line next!  For more information please see the Lori Dolls website:  http://www.loridolls.com/.

Happy Holidays!   cdd-brandy