One of my favorite things about dolls is fixing their hair!

Today I have a loose braid that will add texture and style to any up-do!  This braid looks a whole lot fancier to make than it actually is.

My sis showed me this braid during the summer and the first time I saw it I thought for sure it was some kind of french braid but no, it’s just a simple braid.  Yes, a simple braid with a few tricks up my sleeve!

Loose Side Braid for Dolls

Grace already wears a braid well but the loose braid dresses it up her do!

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-18

To make the loose side braid, take a small section of hair at the part.

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-12

Split the hair into three sections and reverse braid a couple inches.  See how thin and small the braid is?

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-15

Now this is where the magic begins!  Hold the braid end with one hand and pull out the sections of the braid one at a time with the other hand.

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-14

Work down the braid pulling each section, making it evenly loose all the way down.  If you need to, braid down a few more inches and continue pulling each of those sections loose.  Add a hairband at the end when finished.

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-13

Now you can pin up the side braid or add it to you favorite style.  I am adding the side braid to a french braid.

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-10

In keeping with the loose style, pull out the sections of the french braid.  Add a hairband to the french braid.

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-11

Pull the side braid back to the french braid and band them together.

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-9

I love the luscious, thick, braid, made in a snap and draped to the side.  Thanks sis!  Awesome hairstyle!

Loose Side Braid for Dolls-4

I can’t wait to try the loose bread technique to different hairstyles!