One of our readers, Diana, who you should be starting to realize is pretty amazing,  sent in a few more photos of American Girl dolls she has rescued. All I can say is WOW!

In Diana’s words:

American Girl Felicity restoration

Last year I was able to find some really good buys for AG dolls in eBay, but what I attracted me was that I seemed to like the Pleaseat Company AG dolls better and it seemed those were the ones little girls played with – before they became so collectible, so most of what I bought had to be restored. At that time I only owned maybe 5 AG dolls, before I knew it I had fixed over 30 dolls. These were ones no one wanted, but now they look like new. One doll in particular I had not bought was Felicity, I did not like the sharp green eyes, so I did some investigating and found the background history of Felicity. As you remember I asked about Char’s Felicity a couple of days ago. Well I was determined to some day find one of the first Felicity’s that came from Germany, lighter green eyes and red hair, no tag because at that time as you know Pleasant Company did not tag them. Last week, I got lucky and found one, as you can see from the pictures what she looked like, I knew from the seller’s ad that he was not a collector or doll dealer, just a toy dealer. So I bought her for $77 that included shipping. She came this week, and I restored her, as you can see from the pictures, I had the dress from one of my finds last year. I cleaned her up, aired out her stuffing, shampooed and untangled the hair. It took me several hours but the products (Twin Pines of Maine) I use are wonderful. When I find a Rose Garden Dress from West Germany at a reasonable price I will change her outfit, since that is what she really wore at that time.

Can you guess who this doll is? Yep, its Molly but the original owner did not know that.  She had no glasses and was a mess, no braids either.

Here she is in a loving home and she just checked her mail. She got the new AG mag and is happy to get mail. I found the original clothes and glasses and have them, but I like her in this outfit best.

Here is Pleasant Company Samantha before and after again.  I also ended up getting a white body Samantha with her original outfit and accessories in the brown box, but paid more for that one.  This one has a tan body and I did get her original outfit, but again I like her in this one best.  Did not pay more then $70 for this one.

Here are Saige and Dabbie at the Mall here in Atlanta, Georgia. Dabbie went to the AG store and found some clothes, Saige went to Pottery Barn and found this cute purse with a white horse.  Dabbie picked up a bottle of Coca Cola, she was very thirsty. The outfit that Dabbie is wearing came from Crackle Barrel, they now have a line of Soft Dolls who wear 18″ doll clothes called Butterfly Friends.  Saige is weaing the top and vest from one of those sets, but her jeans and boots and hat are from AG. The butterfly friends are cute Softbody and 18″ tall, and go for $19.99, I did not pick one up.  The clothes are a tiny little snug on the AG dolls, but for $9.99 a set it is not bad.  The top and vest that Saige is wearing came with some jeans, but Saige already had hers on. I specifically selected outfits that did not have shoes since the soft doll feet are big and stuffy and shoes would not fit the AG dolls.  The jewelry that Dabbie is wearing was made by me.


Diana’s Doll Restoration Tips – all the products Diana uses can be found at

  • First remove the doll’s head and take stuffing out completely
  • Next use Twin Pines Formula 9-1-1 to clean arms and legs – just follow the instructions from the manufacturer
  • Then because this doll was old and it did smell, I used Twin Pines Perk and dipped the cloth body into it, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Be careful NOT to get the arms and legs into the solution, you do not want to dip everything just the cloth body. After a while you take it out and rinse with lots of cold water until all the solution is removed from cloth, then towel dry it and hang the body to dry for at least 24 hours. make sure when you hang to dry you do not let water sit inside the arms and legs, this is tricky.
  • With a wet damp cloth that has some of the Formula 9-1-1 I wipe the face making sure water does not get into eyes.
  • For the hair, wet it with cold water. You can get close to the wig cap but do not dip it or soak it. I use my hands to water the hair near the cap. Use the shampoo as instructed by the manufacture. Then rinse with cold water to take shampoo off and towel dry.
  • Now comes the fun part, sit by the TV with head, towel, detangler in small spray bottle (use as instructed), and conditioner in small spray bottle (use as instructed) and clear clean water in small spray bottle. Then start working little by little from the ends up detangling by spraying the detangler solution and a little of the conditioner. Just keep working until all is done. Since this hair was long I use the clear water as areas started getting dry, to wet it again.
  • Style the hair and let it sit until cloth body is dry. 
  • The next day, if the body is dry, I then check the stuffing which should have aired out by now, if it smells, I use new polyester stuffing. In my case I could reuse the stuffing since it did not smell. I stuff the body making sure stuffing goes around the legs inside and restuff her. ALL of the stuffing that came out has to go back in. Then I replace the head making sure the strings are strong, if it is an old doll the string maybe weak and may need to be replaced. I tighten the strings and put at least 3 knots. 
  • Then I dress her.

That’s it…the doll doctor has saved another patient!


So obviously the last photo was not a restoration, but it is from Diana and was too cute not to share!  

Thanks for the inspiration Diana! I really want to find a good rescue doll soon!