So after I did my post earlier this week on the LittleMissMatched Girls dolls I just had to go see them for myself. I was absolutely captivated by their little faces. I went to our local Toys R Us store and found the LittleMissMatched section of the doll department, lined up all four dolls and gave them a good look.

TonnerToys LittleMissMatched dolls

After consulting with my research partner – also known as my daughter Natalie – we decided that Uptown Girl was coming home with us.

LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl

Since the LMM Girls are 15.25″ tall, we knew she couldn’t share clothes with any of our other dolls, so we picked up one of the Fashion Packs, too. Just a note about Uptown Girl… her dress coat is difficult to get on and off and should be done by a patient adult or you might just tear it. Her Fashion Pack clothes are easy to get on and off and that teal top looks awesome on!

Now for the research part – how big are the LittleMissMatched Girls dolls compared to other common doll lines. Your answers:

LMM vs BFC Ink

Here is Emma the LittleMissMatched Girl standing next to Addison the Best Friends Club Ink doll. Both dolls are about the same price point (approx. $25-30) but I will say the LMM doll feels like a much higher quality doll and her clothing does too. So far the LMM doll has better hair, too.


Emma meets American Girl Nicki for the first time. They may be totally different sizes, can’t share clothes, and Nicki is not jointed like Emma is, but they will be great friends.

LittleMissMatch girls dolls vs American Girl dolls

Both Nicki and Emma have sunny dispositions and the LittleMissMatched Girls will fit nicely into our collection!

And here is Emma dressed in one of the outfits we put together from the Fashion Pack, just hanging out on my desk watching me work.

I do wish I had the Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls to do a side by side comparison with, but that will have to wait until I break down and buy one of them for “research” too! You can find the LittleMissMatched Girls dolls at Toys “R” Us and on the Little Miss Matched website.