I wanted to share with the Doll Diaries readers the Little House on the Prairie birthday party I had for my daughter’s 10th birthday.  A pioneer lunch, doll craft, pilot showing, and doll play were planned.

 My daughter wanted to have a pioneer lunch with a few of her friends.  I purchased enamelware dishes on-line from Walmart.  A set of four plates, bowls, cups, and utensils was $24.  This set made a perfect match to the doll sized enamelware dishes that were pictured in a previous post.

Wild flowers were put in an unused teapot.  This added nice color to the table.

The invitation was printed on white cardstock.  Inspiration for this invitation can be found here:  http://thedecorologist.com/party-proposals-little-house-on-the-prairie-party/

My daughter read through the Little House cookbook and picked her menu.  She chose fried chicken, green beans, corn on the cob, apple slices, biscuits, and lemonade.  I cheated on the biscuits, beans, and chicken and went to KFC.  The lemonade was also store bought.  A busy mom must have her shortcuts!  For her birthday day she wanted me to make her a pound cake with an orange glaze.  This was homemade!  It was served with homemade ice cream…at least that’s what was said on the carton.  Hehe.

You can find how I made doll sized pound cake here: http://dolldiaries.com/camp-doll-diaries-stock-the-doll-coffee-shop-with-treats/

My daughter was surprised with her new Laura doll, Farmer Boy outfit, and doll wagon.  She spent hours playing with the items packed away inside the wagon.  More information on these can be found on my previous Little House posts here:



She received a matching Laura bonnet, which was purchased here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/alohagirldollclothes.

A child butter churn, for making real butter, was purchased here: product number 5106 http://www.marshallpotterystore.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4336731

From Amazon.com, the Little House cookbooks and craft books were purchased.  She also received the Little House soundtrack; by far the song, Old Dan Tucker, is our favorite!  My daughter loved the biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The dvds were found at Walmart; currently the first four season are available.

For her birthday party craft we made prairie rag dolls.  The girls had a blast making them and they came out super cute!  Here is where I found instructions:


That smile says it all!  I love how doll play and the love of history can inspire a memorable day!

And of course baby sister had to join in too.  She fell in love with her older sister’s Laura and Almanzo, so quickly her piggy bank was handed over to get a Mary Ingalls doll outfit and bonnet for herself.

Craft on!