I’ve had Halloween projects on the brain this week!  For today’s project I also really wanted to make something that would be fun for play after Halloween is over.

I came up with something that covered both, a little black cat purse.

Cat purse for dolls-32

This little cat purse can accessorize your doll’s Halloween wardrobe and would make a great trick-or-treat bag.

Cat purse for dolls-35

The cat purse also makes a fun and playful accessory for year-round play.  Make the cat in different color combinations to add your own twist.

Cat purse for dolls-13

Let’s get started!


  • felt for purse
  • felt for accents
  • buttons
  • needle
  • thread
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue (optional)

Cat purse for dolls-22

Fold the felt for the purse in half to cut two shapes out at once.  You can use chalk to sketch out your shape first.

Cut a long rectangle strip of felt in a matching color.

Cut the triangle nose and ear accents in a different color.

Cat purse for dolls-23

Stitch on the whiskers with the needle and thread and either glue or stitch on accents.

Cat purse for dolls-24

Cover up the stitching on the inside of the purse with a small piece of felt.

We are adding the long rectangle strip to to the base of the purse to give the purse more dimension.  That way you can put more accessories in the purse too!  Stitch on the strip or glue it on like I am.

Cat purse for dolls-25

Add the ribbon, as a purse strap, to both sides.

Cat purse for dolls-16

Now enjoy this little black cat for a Halloween accessory and fill it with candy while your dolls go trick-or-treating.

Cat purse for dolls-6

Most of all enjoy this little cat purse year-round!  I would love to see in made into a fun and bright version!

Cat purse for dolls-33

Take advantage of the roomy inside and fill it for on-the-go!

Cat purse for dolls-2

The little cat purse is a project that’s fun for Halloween right now and will continue to be a fun accessory later on!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!