Brandy here! January 23, 2014 is National Reading Day.   To celebrate this wonderful day I wanted to share with you two of my daughter’s favorite dolls.  Both, my daughter and I are big fans of Carolyn Keene the author of the Nancy Drew mysteries and Lucy Maud Montgomery the author of the Anne of Green Gables series.  And as a huge lover of dolls, my daughter wanted to use the books for inspirational doll play.  This is how I created these two dolls….

Nancy Drew Doll

Nancy Drew Doll  

This doll is #21 (item #F1217).  This doll was chosen for her resemblance to the classic titian (strawberry-blonde) Nancy Drew looks.  I think an Emily doll would make a good modern version Nancy Drew.


I worked with a wonderful Etsy shop called Doll Up My Doll.  The owner, Melissa, really listened to all the details that I wanted for this doll costume.  I sent her pictures from the modern day Nancy Drew movie and she did a fantastic replica. 

She made a custom shirt/skirt/sweater set, trench coat and hat, and an over the shoulder sleuth bag.  These clothes are expertly stitched and will last years with taking them on/off with play. 

Inspiration pin…

Our Nancy’s pin.

I love that the trench coat is fully lined! 

I found a doll sized flash light, pen, note pad, and magnifying lens to accessorize the sleuth bag; these items were just odds and ends I found in the doll room. 


The penny loafers were found on an eBay store called Play-Like Dolls Sweet Sixteens.  If you order these loafers I suggest you order a pair that fits without socks.  The first pair I ordered came with a pair of white socks and where way too big for an American Girl Doll and had to be returned for a smaller pair to be worn without socks.


I also found a perfect pair of pajamas from another Etsy shop called Dolly Doll Clothes.  This was not a custom order. 

These were found on a random search and I couldn’t believe my luck at how much they resembled the pajamas worn by the Nancy Drew character in the modern day movie.

Anne of Green Gables Doll  

Anne of Green Gables    Anne of Green Gables  

This doll was a recycled Molly Doll. 


The wig is a Kemper doll wig: size 10-11, color: carrot.  You know you found the perfect wig if it was called “Carrot.”  The freckles were a painted on by Jody Card Bohannon.  Jody provides a variety of customization for dolls.  She can be messaged via FaceBook for futher details.


I found another wonderful Etsy shop called Aloha Girl Doll Clothes.  The owner, Ruby, did a great job with this custom order!  She made this Anne doll her “meet dress and pinafore.”  This set is the one that Anne is seen wearing at the train station when Matthew comes to pick her up.  This is one of the iconic dresses that we all remember Anne wearing.   Since my order, Ruby has added several more Anne of Green Gables dresses to her inventory.  I look forward to getting more of them!


This outfit was then paired with a pair of Springfield Doll black tights.  The black boots and white nightgown were random eBay finds.  The carpet bag is actually an American Girl doll item that belongs to the Kirsten doll line.  I found this bag on eBay.  The straw hat was found at Hobby Lobby craft store.

I found that all shops were priced well.  I look forward to working with them again!