Lights, Camera, Dolls Reader Photo Gallery

In order to make it easy for us to keep questions about the Reader Photo event for May and the entries easy to comment on, I am creating this page separately to show off all the entries in the “Lights, Camera, Dolls!” Reader Photo Event for May. For entry information and the entry form, go to THIS POST and then come back here to see all the entries.

Click on the photos to view them full size and to leave a friendly comment.

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  1. Cute! I’m getting set up right now. Can I send in a doll vid I made?

  2. I love all these but my favourite is the cooking show with chrissa and Elizabeth.

  3. Tish Steue says:

    Did u get my picture ?

  4. I may just have to submit one. Told myself that I wouldn’t but I it is just so much fun now id I cold just find the floor in my room…….

  5. Tish – yes I did. We just got home so I will post more photo entries soon.

  6. Can I send in a doll video I made?

  7. For the contest it’s just a quick dance from Lindsey if I could get it into my computer that is it hates downloading videos

  8. Tish Steue says:

    Thanks :)

  9. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Do we choose the title or do you?

  10. You can choose the title, but if you don’t include one, I will make one up

  11. I just submitted a photo entry but I thought that I had submitted it last night because I pressed the “submit button”. It not on the page so I entered it again. Can I enter another picture today since I had (or tried) to do it last night?

  12. Yes, you may

  13. Megan aka Megz says:

    i got my party settings today!!!

  14. how do i submit a photo ?

  15. Char- can I? Sorry I dont want to rush u and I can be patient, and not a video for his for the Sunday showcase

  16. Dharma – Go to this post: and use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your photo.

  17. That’s fine.

  18. Oh and did u get my emailed pic for this? It won’t work for me.

  19. Chloe – I did and it has been posted. If you are posting from an iPod or iPad the form doesn’t work.

  20. Ok then that’s why. Do u mind if I do that once in a while?

  21. When my picture finally came up, I was about as happy as I was as if I won. My entry is not near as good as the others, but it’s the thought that counts. :)

  22. yours is great maddie!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she j;y 35? i have 35 but i named her candace/candie.

  23. Oh the vids to long to send. I’ll just send a pic

  24. Oh I’m going to have to much fun with this one!! oH, WHAT SHALL I DO!?! :) Thanks Char for the awsome reader contests

  25. Oh I see it. Do u have shirts that fit ag minis? Sorry if I’m bugging u asking all these questions. Hopefully this is the last one for now.

  26. I don’t have shirts for the AG Minis.

  27. Oh, great! You got mine!

  28. Cute! My favorite one is Looking for McKenna’s Movie. Oh and Char if you want to enter a contest and you fill out the form can you do it on a IPad I was wondering that. Oh and if I ever want to share a picture can I just email it to you? And where should I email it to?

  29. Ashly – some people have trouble with the form on the iPad. You can email me at

  30. Thank you Char :) And also if the form does not work well on IPads should I fill it out on a computer because I am thinking about entering the Halloween Parade. If you answer thank you :)

  31. Did you get mine?

  32. I don’t see mine but I sent it yesterday. Did you get it?

  33. Mila – I sent you an email saying your photo did not come through. Can you send the photo to me directly at

  34. DD – your photo also would not come through. Can you send the photo to me directly at

  35. Who won?

  36. I will announce the winners later this evening.

  37. Ok! :)