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Lighting is the GRAND FINALE for my series on “Decorating Your Dollhouse.”

I love the way the dollhouse looks all lit up at night!  My daughters would play 24 hours a day if I would let them!

 Of course a great way to light up your dollhouse is to have it wired, but this is super expensive.  A fabulous alternative is to use tap lights.  One of the best tap lights I have found is from the brand, Fulcrum.  Fulcrum LED tap lights can come in white, bronze, or black.  Tap lights require AAA batteries.  The price of purchasing tap lights and batteries can add up.  I purchased a few at a time to spread the cost.  Place tap lights in any location you want.  I placed most in any area that I would have preferred recessed lighting in my real home.  I decided to attach the tap lights with Velcro command strips in case I wanted to reposition the lighting at a later time.  All tap lights come with a self adhesive tab on the back.  My concern with using these tabs was that I would not be able to remove this adhesive from the ceiling if I wanted to reposition the light.

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Locker lights make great dollhouse lighting.  This chandelier was a perfect touch over the dining table.  A flickering tea light candle makes the pot belly stove more realistic!

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 Another great lighting option for dollhouses is book lights.  A clip book light was attached to the bed, this was found at the dollar store.  Another book light was placed on the vanity desk, this was found at CVS drug store.  Battery operated flickering tea light candles create a great light in the dollhouse bathroom!

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To add a little extra lighting to the dollhouse patio I created Tiki Torches!  These were so easy to make.  I painted dowel rods in black.  I used a wood doll body (these were found in the wood craft section at Michaels) and wrapped them with jute string – attach each end with hot glue.  I also used hot glue to attached the jute wrapped wood piece to the dowel rod.  I used Aleene’s glass glue and glued a small glass bowl to the top end.  In the bowl I placed a battery operated LED tea light candle.  I used mini buckets (these are wedding favors) and put a large amount of poster putty in the bottom.  I shoved the rod down into the putty and then added small sized gravel to the bucket.  The torches came out super cute!!

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Thank you for joining me on the “Decorating Your Dollhouse” series!   Brandy (pictured with daughters Jayla and Jemma)

More pictures of Jayla and Jemma!

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