Lidia, a Paola Reina Doll from the “Las Reinas de Paola” collection is 100% made in Spain and can be purchased on the Paola Reina America website for those in the USA and Canada (  She has dark brown hair and honey brown eyes.  She has 13 points of articulation, just like Alma, and is very poseable.

She comes wearing this gorgeous outfit that includes: hat, necklace, sweater, top, skirt, tights, shoes and purse (no panties).  She is breathtaking!  Her handmade outfit is styled just for her by the staff in Spain.

Since she is dressed for an outing, what better background than the shopping background where she feels more comfortable in this setting?

It did not take long to change her into a more casual look and style her hair.  Here she is in an outside setting dressed in blue and pink.  The blue color shows very well on her.

A closer look at her hair,  it is a little below her shoulders and it is of the most amazing quality.  You can style her hair very easily and she has a lot of  hair!

An even closer look at her face, showing off her honey brown eyes with long black eyelashes.  Her lip color is a soft peach color going very well with her complexion.

So let’s put her next to her cousin Alma, a very different contrast but still both beautiful!  They do have different face molds, but the body structure is the same.

One thing they do have in common is their love to shop!   Here are full views of  both side by side.

A real good close up of the faces. Not only are the face shape different, but also their lips, nose and even the skin tone of each doll.  Lidia has a slight golden tan just a little darker tone then Alma.   I would say Alma represents a Swedish girl and Lidia an Italian girl, my personal opinion only.  Both are beautiful and I love them both, it was very difficult to select amongst all of the dolls in the “Las Reina de Paola” collection,  because they are all exquisite.

Alma received a cousin, instead of a sister, but she was glad to see Lidia…;-)

Fun Facts:
1. The opinions on this review are that of my own and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries.
2. The clothes are Newborn clothes from Target, the Carter clothes fit the best.
3. The Sweet Treat backdrop is from My Doll’s Life.
4. In the USA and Canada she can be purchased at: