Karen here and today I am sharing with you my Doll Sized Croquet Set, made from items I had in my craft box. You can make your own set very quickly and easily. This set is fun indoors and for taking doll play outside!

To make your own set you will need:

  • A pair of Chopsticks
  • Pipe Cleaners, (I used thin ones and fancy ones, what I had in my craft box)
  • two spools of inexpensive thread with or with out thread
  • two large pony beads
  • Hot Glue or Craft Glue (I find hot glue faster and easier to work with but it is up to you)
  • 10 Large Buttons (they do not have to match)
  • Scissors
  • Fun Foam
  • 2 large pom poms to use as balls

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. If using a glue gun plug it in to heat up. Place your thread spools on end on the  fun foam and cut two circles for each spool. Glue into place

Step 2- Lay your spool down and in the center of the spool place a dab of glue and push your pony bead into it so that there is an open area to place your chopstick end in. Add more glue and stick in your chopstick until the glue sets enough to hold it into place. *If your chopstick is too thick for the pony bead, have a grown up help you trim the point down so that it will fit. Repeat on the second spool.

Step 3- Create the Croquet Wire Arches by cutting your pipe cleaners in 1/2″ pieces.  Thread one end through a button as shown in the photo above and twist the pipe cleaner ends together once through the second hole. Think of the pipe cleaner as you would a sewing needle.  Repeat on the other side creating a little wire arch.

Step 4- Repeat so you have 4 Wire Arches.

Step 5- Create the “stakes” buy using another pipe cleaner, I used fancy ones in colors to match the thread. Cut your pipe cleaner in quarters so that you can use the plume part of the pipe cleaner, or 1/4 of the regular pipe cleaner. Thread one end through a button as if you were sewing it to a shirt. Then twist the end of the wire that comes through the button onto “the steak”, repeat on the other steak and your set is ready to play with!

I hope you enjoyed today’s doll play craft and I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas with you again soon!


Today I used my American Girl Doll Ruthie, My Springfield Doll Madison and photographed the play set on my American Doll Room.