Karen here and I had so much fun making these No Sew Dance Bags with a Tutu Ruffle that I could not wait to share them with you.

To make your own you will need:

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies

Step 2- Fold your felt length wise so that it measures just over 4 inches along the bottom edge. Measure 5 inches up from the bottom and cut straight across.

Step 3- Open the felt you have just cut and run Aleene’s Fabric Fusion tape along the edge of both sides of your felt, remove the backing and fold and press the felt edges into place, creating a pocket.

Step 4- Cut 10 inches ribbon from your spool, then cut it in half.

Step 5- Cut a small piece from the tape from the roll and place it on the inside edge close to the seem you just created, remove the backing and place one end of your ribbon on top of the tape and press into place, repeat on the other edge and then on the other side creating the straps of the bag.

Step 6-Cut a two inch strip by 12 inches from your tulle.

Step 7-Cut a strip of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion tape and run it along your bags top edge, remove the backing and fold and pleat your tutu strip into to place,press it into place and the tape will hold!

Step 8- If you would like a fuller tutu edge add another strip of the tape and repeat step 7.

Step 9- Add another line of the tape and run it across the tulle, cut and press a coordinating ribbon into place.ย  You can then add a bow, securing into place with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion tape, or add pompoms or buttons or all!

This bag is so easy and fun to make. Your doll’s Ballet Shoes will fit nicely inside, as will her change of clothes for dance class or camp!

I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas and crafts with you again soon!