Karen here and today the Bakery Battles Challenge is Layer Cakes! I love this time of year and the county fairs, all the fresh produce and the blue ribbon contests. Here is my take on a fun bakery battle play set I made using Sculpey and Premo Products. These were easy and fun to make and I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Fun Fact for the non Canadian readers next week on July 1st is when my country Canada celebrates its 148th birthday. Canada became a country on July 1st 1867. 

To make your own Patriotic Layer Cakes You will need:

Step 1- Pre heat your oven and cover your work area with your work n’ bake mat. Unwrap your clay. Work with the lightest color first. Roll out your white clay to about 1/4 inch thick. Use your rectangular cutter to cut out 9 layers (this will make three Canada Cakes)  

 Next use your circle cutter to cut out 6 circles (this will be for the American Cake) Set all these layer a side.

Step 2- Roll out your red clay to the same 1/4 inch thick.  cut out 9 rectangles and 6 circles. Set the circles aside and creat your layers for your Canada cake. Layer 1 should be white, then red, then white, then red then white.

 With the last remaining three red layers you are going to cut a maple leaf from the center and place it in the middle of your cake as shown in the photo above and use your knife to cut away the red edges and lay them on either side of the maple leaf, creating a cake that looks like the Canadian Flag. Repeat on the other two Canada Layer Cakes. Set aside for baking.

Step 3- Roll out your blue clay and cut 6 blue 1/4 inch circles. Assemble your layer cake Red, White and Blue Of Course! Your top layer will be blue.

Step 4- Roll out the scraps of your three clay colors and use the star cutter to cut out three stars in each color. Lay the stars on top of your layer cakes press them gently into place on each cake.

Step 5- Place all the layer cakes onto the work n’bake mat, put the mat on your cookie sheet and bake according to the manufacturers directions. Allow to cool then you can place them on your doll plates and set the Bakery Battle Play Set up!