Karen here and July 1st is Canada’s Birthday. We have a Canada Day Parade where I live and we dress in our most comfortable red and whites to attend the parade and day of fun activities as we celebrate our Nations Birthday. This year is Canada’s 148th birthday! I made my dolls some fun headbands they can wear to the parade. 

To make your own you will need:

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. Trace your shape either a Maple leaf for Canada or A Star for America or any shape you would like. Make sure to cut two the same.

Step 2- Twist your pipe cleaners together as shown in the photo above then bend in half and make a cut.

Step 3- Wind the pipe cleaner ends around the hairband near the middle so that they stick up like bunny ears. Use a glue dot to secure the fun foam shapes you cut out. Now you can place it on your dolls head for the parade!

I hope that no matter what holiday your country celebrates that you liked today’s craft. You can make yours have hearts, stars, eyes, you name it! Enjoy!