When I think of pioneer times and what the young girls would play with these handkerchief dolls came to mind. These dolls were also called church dolls as people would make them from hankies to give to children in church, as they were made from soft cloth when the children played with and ultimately dropped them in church the dolls would not make a noise when they hit the ground. I thought it would be fun to make a doll sized version for today’s craft.

To make your own Handkerchief Dolls For Your Dolls you will need:

Step 1- Measure and cut a square from your fabric at least 8 inches by 8 inches.

Step 2- Crumple up some paper to make a head for your doll, about the size of a small bouncy ball.

Step 3- Place it in the center of your fabric and fold over.

Step 4- Cut a piece of embroidery floss and tie it around the fabric creating a head and neck, make a knot first and then tie off in a bow.

Step 5- Lay your fabric out and create two arms, use more floss to tie of each arm at the “hand” as shown in the photo above. Repeat on the other arm.

Step 6- Cut another piece of floss and gather the remaining fabric under the dolls arms in your hand and then tie it off creating the body and skirt of the doll. Tie into a bow and your doll is ready to play with!

Make as many Handkerchief dolls as you would like your own dolls to have and then set them up for a tea party like I have! The Queen’s Treasures Tea set is perfect for every dolly occasion! The dolls featured today are a rescued Madame Alexander Favorite Friends doll (Varsity Girl) and American Girl Ivy.

I look forward to sharing more camp crafts with you soon!