I was so amazed at this new discovery, I thought I would share with you!  I visited my local Target store and decided to visit the baby section, looking for items that we could use in our Doll World.  I did not think this would work but it did! let’s take a look…..

Of course it had to be in clearance to attract my attention and that it was pink was the second factor.  The tag said they were pants and two of them came for a price of $4.88.  They are from Carter’s brand which is a very good baby brand and they were so soft.  They were the last set and the name is Precious First, the size “preemie”.  The bottom of the pants were just the right size for the AG dolls, so I bought it.  The set came folded around a hanger so I really could not tell if they would work.

To my surprise they did!  The waist fits well and so does the length.  Now the crotch is a little long, but not enough to make it look bad.  I personally will probably adjust the length of the waist and shorten it so the crotch will be closer to her body. This is the solid pink pants, or leggings for our dolls.

The second pair is very cute, it has a pattern on the material using white and pink colors.

Here is a closer look at the pattern on the second pair of leggings. These can easily be used for the dance outfits or as casual wear.  

What creative ideas do you have?

Fun Facts:
1. This set was the last on the rack, so I am not sure if other colors were available.   They were on clearance, so check your Target stores.