Looking for something fun to do with your dolls this summer? Why not learn how to sew and make your dolls loads of new clothes? Then you can have a fashion show or two, set up a doll clothes store scene, or share your designs with other doll fans by sending pictures of your creations to share@dolldiaries.com for us to show them off. But you don’t know how to sew? Read on.

We were invited by Rosie of Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns to give her sewing doll clothes video course a try. The six-week course costs $37 and each week you are introduced to new sewing terms and techniques that you can use immediately to make great basic pieces for your dolls. The videos are live streamed so you don’t have to download anything – and they are easy for doll lovers of all ages to follow. My nine year old was able to follow along without any difficulty. We are looking forward to school being out so we can go back through the videos again and try more of the bonus patterns.

One of the best features of  Rosie’s course is that when you sign up, the video instruction is delivered to you over the course of six weeks, but you have access to the course for a full year if you need to go back and reprint a pattern, rewatch a video or get new inspiration. The terms and techniques she covers are sewing basics – skills that can be used for making doll clothes but also serve as the basics for more advanced sewing later.

Here is a video of my favorite pattern in the collection – the summer nightgown.

In addition to the course, Rosie also sells additional doll clothes patterns and has a blog full of doll clothes sewing tips and ideas like how to get the perfect fit.

Thanks again to Rosie for the course and we look forward to showing off some of our creations over the summer!