Karen here with a last minute Tiara Craft you can make for your dolls with items you may already have on hand!

To create your own you will need:

  • two pipe cleaners in the color of your choice
  • beads in different shapes, colors and sizes

Step 1- Take one of your pipe cleaners and bend it into a circle twisting the ends into the circle so that it doesn’t catch on your dolls hair.

Step 2- Take the other pipe cleaner and bend it into a “V” shape.

Step 3- Slide the “V” shape into the circle you have created and choose your largest Bead to be the center of your crown. Slide it onto one of the legs of your “V” shape, then twist the pipe cleaner around the crown.

Step 4- Continue to add beads and twist your pipe cleaner around your circle shape as shown above. Once you have the desired amount of Jewel’s twist the ends of the pipe cleaner “V” legs into the tiara circle. Then bend your bead part up as shown and place on your dolls head.

Quick and easy! Pair it with your doll’s favorite dress and she is ready for the Dolloween Parade!