Starbella scarf for dolls

I have had two skeins of Starbella yarn in my crochet bag for months now and no matter how many videos I watched, I just couldn’t quite grasp how to make the Starbella scarves. When I was at the pool last week, one of the girls was making one with knitting needles so I watched her for a few minutes. I got home and tried making it with knitting needles but no luck, so I decided I would make it using a crochet hook instead.

Let’s just say, I should have just done that months ago! These are soooo easy to make with a crochet hook. Once I had made a full sized one for Nat in under two hours, I decided to give it a try for the dolls.

For the girl sized scarf I placed six loops on my crochet hook and then pulled the 7th stitch through all 6 loops, but for the dolls it was 3 loops on and the 4th one pulled through. I literally had this scarf made for Kanani in 10 minutes!

Starbella crochet method

Open the Starbella yarn and put the crochet hook through the top loops. The more loops you put on your hook the bigger the “ruffle” will be. Three loops was perfect for the  dolls.

Starbella crochet method

Pull the 4th loop through the other three on the hook.

Starbella crochet method

Pull through and repeat! Keep going until your scarf is the length you want. 

There are so many fun yarns on the market right now and doll sized accessories are such a fun way to get that instant gratification of making something!

Have fun!