Mary Rose (Granof4) was one of the recent reader photo winners and she chose the Ellowyne sized t-shirt for her prize. Here is her Ellowyne named Larissa showing us what she got in the mail.

Ellowyne gets a Doll Diaries t-shirt

A package! For ME?!?!

Doll Diaries t-shirt

Oh look! It’s our Doll Diaries T-shirt! I can’t wait- I’m going to try it on RIGHT NOW!

Ellowyne Wilde

It fits great!! It’s perfect attire for helping in the sunroom!

Ellowyne Wilde

I love it!! And I promise to share it with the other Ellowynes living here. THANK-YOU, CHAR!!!

Thank YOU Mary Rose for being part of our doll community and for sharing these beautiful photos with us!