How would you like to make some easy knit gloves, socks, stockings and leg warmers for your doll?  You do not know how to knit you say?  Well you do not have to, all you need is a needle and some thread, or a sewing machine if you have one.

I was at my local Target store and found a few items in the dollar section.  Each piece was $1.00   Lets take a look…

Most of these items are Toddler size as noted and the Pet items are the small knit hat and scarf.  They come in only two different colors the pink & blue & red  and the light blue & white.  I had the most fun with the Toddlers leg warmers.

Here is what I did with the leg warmers and gloves.  Let’s start with the leg warmers, I took one piece and made socks (you can get two pairs of socks) and leg warmers for the doll.   The socks are made from each end of the Toddler’s leg warmer, this allows you to use the finished elastic for the top of the socks and just sew the bottom.  The middle piece is used for the doll leg warmers,  just roll over and sew to edges on top and bottom.  The gloves I showed can be serge or sewn and I used a glove pattern to lay over the knitted toddler glove.  I lined up the pattern to the point where the index finger and thumb come together then I traced the pattern using a marker and then I cut a little outside the marker line . Once cut I sew the glove together using the marker as my guide.

This is how the socks and leg warmers were made, the red lines show where you need to sew. The dotted line is where you would cut.

This is how the stockings were made, if you do not sew the bottom then they can be leggings and the bottom edge is a perfect finish for the leggings. Red lines show where you need to sew. The dotted line is where you would cut.

Let’s take a look at our models, as you can see both full and slim line dolls can use these knitted items.  Here the girls are wearing the knit hat made for pets.  The only thing that was done is to sew each side together as they come with holes for the pet ears.   The scarf has a  sewn loop which I simply remove being careful to cut the thread and not the yarn.

Helen is such a giving girl that she is offering Dabbie the extra pair of socks.  Dabbie is wearing the leg warmers and gloves.

and now for the stockings, as you can see they fit both girls.

Here are all the items in dolls size.  Notice the toddler’s hat, I simply reduced in size by turning it over and sewing a smaller hat then cutting the extra off.  I remove the pom pom first and then re-attached it once I had the hat, the size I wanted.

I also found this outfit at Walmart which was pretty well made and worth the $9.97, most of their outfits are not well made.

This is a three piece outfit: jeans, knit top is sleeveless and vinyl jacket.   It fits the most of the full body dolls nicely, the pants are too big for the slimline dolls.

Fun Facts:
1. The  modifications to the knitted items just took a few minutes and the girls and boys had new knitted accessories.
2. You will need to take time to find the items in the Target dollar section since they are all mixed up with many other knitted items for bigger children sizes.

Have fun searching…..