Karen here wishing you a very Happy Canada Day from my home here on the West Coast of Canada! Canada Day is our National celebration and is celebrated July 1st . Canada is 147 years old! Today we will celebrate by attending a parade in our town and having a BBQ afterwards. Today’s doll craft is inspired by the dance participants in our local parade who wear Red and White Tutu’s for Canada Day. You can quickly knit these Tutu’s  for your dolls using a Sassy Fabric from Red Heart

To make your own you will need:

Step 1- Leave three inches of  fabric  loose then cast on your needle 15 stitches, by placing your needle through the provided holes at the top of your Sassy Fabric

Step 2- Knit 4 rows.

Step 4- Cast off  and knot the last stitch, leave 3 inches of Sassy Fabric loose.

Step 5- Knot each end of your fabric and leave the ribbon loose.

Step 6- Thread a needle and on one end of the Sassy Fabric place your button.Sew the button into place. Knot the ends of the thread and trim.

Step 7- At the opposite end of your Sassy Fabric  find the  first opening of your cast offed edge to insert the button.  Then Tie the loose Ribbon ends into a bow. Your Tutu is now ready for your dolls to wear!

* I also made my niece Laura a matching Scarf to wear to the parade with the dolls tutu’s.  To make a girl sized matching scarf, leave 3 inches of Sassy Fabric cast on 3 stitches knit until you have 32 inches, cast off, leave 3 inches of Sassy Fabric  and knot each end. Your scarf is now ready to wear to the parade like Laura!