The heart of the home is definitely the kitchen!  This is one place where everyone comes together.  So with a little creativity here is how my daughters’ and I decorated their dollhouse kitchen…


A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without some type of messaging center!  The dolls needed a place to keep track of all of their activities.


  • Coasters- wood, steel, cork
  • Chalkboard paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Spray glue (pictured is Aleene’s Tacky Glue, but I ended up using Aleene’s Spray Glue)


When I saw all of the coasters in different materials available from Michael’s craft store I knew immediately they would make the perfect size message boards.  I painted the edges of the wood coasters.  Next, using Aleene’s Glass Glue, I glued the steel and cork coasters on top of the wood coasters.  I traced the square pattern onto a piece of the chalkboard paper, cut out, and using Aleene’s spray adhesive, glued the paper to the third wood coaster.


Magnets were made from small magnets with buttons glued on top.  Push pins were made from large head stick pins that were cut down with a wire cutter.  I used Command Hooks in clear under the center to hang aprons, pot holders, and keys.


Sometimes when you get together with your friends and family you just want time to stand still.  So we decided to make the kitchen a cozy decorative clock.


  • Large wood circle die-cut (or you could use cardboard)
  • Paint
  • Patterned cardstock paper
  • Black Cardstock paper
  • Sticker numbers
  • Small brad
  • Mini eyelets and punch

First, I painted the edges of the wood die-cut.  I traced and cut out the patterned cardstock and using Aleene’s Spray Adhesive, glued it to the wood.  I attached the adhesive numbers.  I used cork stickers for a little shabby chic touch!   I cut out to strips of black cardstock to make the arms of the clock.  At the end of each I placed an eyelet.  The brad was placed in each eyelet and glued to a scrap of cork.  This was then glued to the center of the clock.  I chose to use eyelets so the arms of the clock can be moved around.


I think the clock turned out super cute!  Check out more ideas below for dollhouse kitchen decorating ideas.


Recycle a keychain and a Command hook to make a birdhouse chain.

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I used pencil cup holders found at the Dollar Tree as  recycling trash cans!  Cute find!

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